Top 3 Trends For Custom Decks This Year

Custom decks

Your deck is part of your home which means it is also subject to changes in trends. While some Omaha homeowners prefer to keep it classic, others like to stay current with what's in fashion. Sometimes what's fashionable is also about making your deck more functional.

1. Make Those Rails Work For You!

As custom deck builders catch on to the fact that homeowners predominantly use their outdoor living space for entertaining, it only makes sense to want to make it more user-friendly. One of the easiest and most effective ways to do so is by adding features like cup holders to railings. You will also notice details like flatter, wider rail tops for holding other items, like plates, as well as built-in lighting. Transition to party mode easier and make thing more convenient for your guests.

2. Create a Commercial Feel

Many homeowners are really digging the idea of mimicking the look of hot new brew houses, gastropubs, galleries and even urban markets. It's about the combination of materials, usually wood and metal, and creating an atmosphere and visual aesthetic that feel more public and social. Ironically, many of these same commercial spaces are going for a comfortable and homey feel when they design their own patio or deck seating area.

3. Getting Inspired by Color

There is nothing wrong with the classic wood stain layout. However, many consumers are now taking advantage of the exciting options available for adding color, now that there are so many new hues available. Not only that but many are opting for innovative two-tone options like picture framing or using a light and dark version of the same color.

Pick The Right Pro

By partnering with the team here at Quality Carpentry LLC, you can feel confident about the quality of workmanship and results you will receive. This includes the consultation services we offer before starting your project.

During that, we will discuss different facets of the planning phase for your custom deck, including implementing possible trendy features. The bottom line is that you will get the best possible final results by working with us.

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