Home Repairs To Improve Your Omaha Home’s Energy Efficiency

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In Omaha, our home repair to-do lists usually have something to do with energy efficiency. Since we take full advantage of the summertime here and most of us are knocking out our to-do lists and preparing the house for the extreme cold season.

Owning a home comes with the responsibility of taking care of it, so don’t hesitate to get help with your home repairs if you need it. With the following suggestions completed, you’ll benefit in many more ways than one.

If you’ve already started making that home repair list, our Omaha home repair company wants to offer a few more suggestions that will help you to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Sealing Around The Windows & Doors

One home repair you don’t want to neglect this summer in Omaha is to seal around the windows and doors. Sealing around your windows and doors will help to improve the energy efficiency of your home and ensure your HVAC system can keep it as comfortable as possible.

  • Caulking the windows and doors – Any old silicone caulk that’s aged and breaking apart or pulling away from the surface should be removed before recaulking your home’s exterior. Those small exposed seems between brick and wood or other materials can leak a significant amount of furnace heat out this coming winter.
  • Replacing door and window weatherstripping – In addition to sealing around the windows and doors, you’ll want to check the weatherstripping to ensure it’s still flexible and not brittle or broken. Be sure to put this on your home repair to-do list if so.

Install Energy-Efficient Windows & Doors

Sometimes sealing doors and windows isn’t enough to sufficiently deliver the energy efficiency you want for your Omaha home, so installing windows and doors may be something you need this year to combat our cold winters. Summer is a great time to go ahead with this project so that you’re ready for winter when it hits the Omaha area!

Add More Insulation To Your House

Although the windows and doors are where most of the warm air from the furnace leaks out of a house, you may also be losing energy because your house isn’t well insulated.

By installing more insulation in the attic or having it blow into the walls this summer, you could see a significant improvement in the overall comfort and efficiency of your Omaha home this coming winter.

Take Care Of The Siding Repairs

Now is the time to pay attention to any gaps or problems with your home’s siding. Whether the seams need to be re-caulked, boards replaced, or new siding installed, don’t put these home repairs off because all those leaks affect how energy efficient and comfortable your home is.

If you’re getting new siding installed, we suggest installing an insulated siding since you live in our beautiful but cold winter climate in the Omaha area.

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