Custom Closets For Your Home

Property improvements in Omaha

With over 25 years of industry-related expertise, you can feel good about letting Quality Carpentry LLC take care of your custom closet work. Let us design and build for you an organized and functional closet space that makes the best use of the space you have available.

Walk-in Closets

One of our areas of expertise is the walk-in closet. Contrary to popular misconception, we can work with any size space to make a large or small walk-in.

  • Your walk-in closet can include details essential features like shoe shelves and jewelry drawers.
  • If you have more space, we can customize a center island and bench seating for you.
  • Even the lighting for a walk-in has to be spot on, including spotlights for display shelves.


A wardrobe is a perfect add-on to a closet when there is no additional space to work with. Enlarge your existing closet storage space by letting us customize a wardrobe for you. The best part is that it is portable so can be moved and can be camouflaged to blend with the existing d├ęcor.

Custom Shelving

We can work with you to maximize your existing closet space by implementing custom shelving. Make your closet function better for your own personal needs by letting us customize it for you.

If you are looking for custom closets for your Omaha home please call 402-408-5719 or complete our online request form.